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Return Policy

Our return policy states that whoever purchases our herbal products may anytime return them back if he or she finds these not worth of their penny within 30 days of his or her purchase. They may claim for money back within the period of one month and they will get their refund amount less 25% of reloading costs and transmitting charges. You just need to try our ayurvedic products for the first two to three weeks and then return if you find them unsuitable.

Those who send our products back to us must make sure that whatever they send is always unused and sealed, and there must be no mark or indication of usage in any form, else the further processing of refund or exchanged cannot be carried. Absolutely no exceptions would be granted. If you order more than one product and want to return only the partial order that would be according to the respective cost of that particular item minus 25% of reloading and handling price, as per our return policy. The consumers would be totally responsible for handling over and shipping charges.

There are a few countries that have disallowed the herbal products for personal use to their respective citizens. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check the details regarding your country's import policies before trying to purchase anything, since it is impractical for us to go through the import policies of every country that resides in this world.

Want to claim for money back? Please email us at

* Our 25% price covers all refilling, handing and shipping charges. The reloading cost is non-negotiable.