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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy states that whichever personal information you share in our website will always be kept safe with us and is never going to get revealed to any other parties. Following are the mandatory data that we need from you:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Credit Card Information

The above mentioned info is always kept intact until we need it for maintaining your transaction, enabling you participate in discussions based on diversified topics or debates, sending you newsletters after a particular time duration and linking you regarding the order. Other requirements such as tracking down your order and delivering the parcel to your house, we do not let anybody get your sensitive details in any way.

After registering your account with us we will share information like discount offers, special deals, launching of new item, and free gifts to you via email and those who do not send their crucial details to us never get such benefits. A person may anytime unsubscribe with us whenever he or she feels like due to whatsoever reason, which is indeed least likely!

Another important factor is to always share your complete and accurate details with us so that we better serve you hiding your information from the outside world. We have technically sound equipments so as to ensure our consumers that their data is always kept safe in our database, provided that they always enter the right info. This is what our privacy policy is all about.